Our Environmental Policy

Azure Tree Services is firmly committed to environmentally friendly work practices. For us, this means going beyond our legal obligations. The lubricant we use for our chainsaws can be vegetable-based and non-toxic to the environment, unlike conventional mineral based oils.

We are always looking for new and innovative methods in order to minimize our environmental impact. An example of such a practice is the ecoplug, a technology which allows us to treat stumps more effectively in order that they do not grow back. This method also completely eliminates the risk that the chemicals involved in this process could seep into the surrounding environment and water table.

At Azure Tree Services we are aware of our carbon footprint and have currently planted more than 25 trees for every 1 cut down. This has been largely in community planting and conservation projects, such as our work towards establishing a red squirrel population in the central Lancashire area.

In addition, 100% of our waste products are recycled into bio-fuel, organic fertilizer and compost.

Environmentally Friendly